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An Interview with Steve Aoki

DIM MAK’s Dead Meat Tour: Steve Aoki, Datsik and special guests
Wednesday, March 14, 7 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.)
$25.00 | general admission (student tickets sold out)
Purchase tickets at: Freeborn Hall Ticket Office
Monday through Friday, noon to 5 p.m.

An established DJ, electro house musician, record producer, club promoter, globetrotter and perhaps one of the most influential producers of underground electronic music circles, Steve Aoki has a history of hard work and success. Formerly a UC Santa Barbara student, Aoki was mastering the art of the house party, booking bands such as Jimmy Eat World and The Rapture. Now, Aoki is well known in the electric music scene, rapidly becoming popular with chart-topping artists, and has contacts with big names in the industry, all who are more than happy to drop by Aoki’s home recording studio at any time.

Released in January 2012, Wonderland boasts a collection of singles that feature collaborations with a variety of influential and unique artists in the industry. From Travis Barker, LMFAO and Kid Cudi to Chiddy Bang and Lil Jon, the featured artists boast sounds that range from popular radio tunes to combinations of rap music and electronic sounds.

Halfway through his 60 day/60 venue tour, Steve Aoki took the time to speak with MUSE this past Friday. In the middle of the day, he emerged from an elevator to answer a phone call from Davis. Probably on his way to sound check or to rest up before his show in Chicago, Ill., Aoki shares his thoughts on drug usage linked to his music, the future of his music genre and the importance of living in the moment.

MUSE: What can Davis expect from your show coming our way?
AOKI: You can definitely expect a very diverse sound. When Datsik comes out, he brings the Datsik sound — meaning heavy bass and crazy sounds. You feel his music in your body. When I go on, I have my own thing. When you combine the both of us, you get this epic fucking craziness. I usually have a DJ set, but this tour I’m doing a complete Steve Aoki set.

Where do you see your genre of music going in the near future?
House music is evolving at a very fast rate. The access of music has changed from physical to digital to completely online. Everything exists in the internet. It’s like a virus. It keeps growing in so many different ways. Sub-genres go into more sub-genres; everything is becoming more hybridized. I love when things can mix and match in ways that work. A couple of years ago, people would’ve been scratching their heads with “Tornado,” which actually comes out in April with vocals. Now it’s totally acceptable. It’s a more exciting time. The environment has completely changed. All of the genres are breaking their own rules.

How do you feel about the usage of drugs combined with the listening of your music?
People can and will do it. You can’t stop them. It is just part of a culture. The last thing I want is for anyone to die or get hurt when listening to anything. You want to be safe and be educated on the risks. I don’t endorse drugs, but I’m not anti [drugs] either.

How do you stay motivated and energized with everything you have going on? What happens if you work yourself to exhaustion?
We’re traveling for 60 days. I sleep a lot. My health and nutrition are important — I always drink lots of water. I’m a straightedge. I don’t do any drugs.

What are you most proud of in your career? What are some long-term goals of yours?
I’m most proud of Wonderland — it took me two years. I have features on every song. It took a long fucking time. It encompasses more of my own song writing. This album isn’t made for clubs — it’s an album of influential songs. It’s very eclectic. In terms of long-term goals, I think more day-by-day and year-by-year. I just want to create music that is relevant to my crowd in a global way. I have 250 gigs a year across the world because of my music; I love being able to play for a global audience.

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