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Campus Judicial Report

Failed Learning Mechanism

A sophomore was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for altering a quiz and submitting it for re-grading in a physics course. After receiving his quiz, the student met with the professor to go over his mistakes. Then the student went home and made changes to the actual quiz, allegedly doing so as a personal learning mechanism. In the next discussion section, the TA for the course mentioned that some quizzes should have received more points if students provided a particular answer to one of the questions. The student saw that he had given that particular answer and submitted his quiz to be re-graded. The alterations to the quiz were found, and both the unaltered and altered versions of the quiz were sent to SJA to be reviewed. The student stated that he had forgotten that he made the changes, but also admitted that what he did is in violation of school policy. The student accepted Disciplinary Probation until Winter quarter 2013 and received a zero for the quiz from the instructor.


A student was referred to SJA for plagiarism found in a research paper he submitted for an anthropology course. The TA noticed that some sections of the paper were copied word for word from an online source that was not cited. In a meeting with an SJA officer, the student claimed that he was having difficulty with the course and the research paper because English is his second language. The student agreed to accept Disciplinary Probation until Winter quarter 2013 and received an F for the research paper from the instructor. In addition, he was given an informational booklet on plagiarism to read prior to attending a mandatory meeting with a writing specialist in the Student Academic Success Center.

Unauthorized Collaboration

A sophomore was referred to SJA for unauthorized collaboration during an exam in an economics course. While administering the exam, the TAs noticed the unauthorized collaboration between the student and her friend and reported this conduct to the professor. In her meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted that she should not have collaborated with her friend during the exam. She explained that she had done so because she did not want her friend to fail. She agreed to be placed on Disciplinary Probation status until Winter quarter 2013 and received a zero on the exam from the instructor.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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