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Letter to the editor: Apology for Israeli speaker event

I am writing to apologize for my behavior on Feb. 27, 2012 at the Israeli Soldier event at Wellman 106. While I was one of a group of hecklers, I became the face of the protest. Though I am still upset about the Israeli-Palestinian political situation, the manner in which I expressed my frustration was extremely inappropriate. I apologize for my behavior and my disrespect to the speakers and the university. In the current climate on campus with the spirit of Occupy, my ego and my mouth got out of hand. I know this is no excuse for my actions. I behaved in a way that is unbecoming of a student of the university and a member of my community.

Tirumular (Drew) Narayanan
Second year medieval studies major


  1. Drew- you told several people that night that you were paid $50 for interupting the event. Why did you say this? Was it true? I know you shook hands with the Israeli and apologized to him- but really, to come clean, you need to let people know who set you up to take this fall. Its really the only way to make this right.


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