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Monday, April 15, 2024

Editorial: We want answers

On Tuesday the Federated University Police Officers Association was granted a court order to indefinitely postpone the release of an investigation of the Nov. 18 pepper-spraying incident. The findings were set to go public Tuesday afternoon.

The union cites that the report could contain confidential information about the officers involved and wants this removed. The police haven’t even seen the findings. Their delay of the report makes us suspect that they know the findings will show police acted inappropriately on Nov. 18.

This postponement is disheartening and frustrating, as UC Davis needs closure for the events that occurred last November. There were already multiple delays of the investigation, and this week we were finally supposed to get some answers.

This investigation was led by California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso and 11 other members, and was a well-rounded panel. Reynoso has had experience writing on controversial cases. He also postponed the release of the findings earlier this month, so it’s safe to assume that he has worked to get the facts straight. Their balanced findings will be very important to understanding why students were pepper-sprayed.

There are still four other task forces that have yet to reveal their results. It seems that over three months should be a sufficient amount of time for investigators to draw some conclusions.

These investigations, along with their recommendations, are vital to ensuring that the UC Davis administration becomes more transparent. Further postponing the release of any findings is only making us grow more suspicious of why the public isn’t seeing these reports.

We deserve to know the truth, and the sooner we know, the closer we can get to holding people accountable for the incident.


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