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Campus Judicial Report

Full Class

A student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for allegedly disrupting a lower-division science lab.  The student attempted to get into a lab other than the one she was enrolled in by writing her name on an attendance sheet for the lab.  When the class TA took roll, the student did not tell the TA that her name was not called and was not formally enrolled.  In her meeting with an SJA officer, the student stated that she thought writing her name on the sign in sheet would enroll her in the lab, and was not paying attention when the TA took roll. The student acknowledged that she should have talked to the TA and asked if there was room in the class for her. The student agreed to an administrative notice, a letter notifying the student that she failed to identify herself when asked and subsequently disrupted class.

Old-fashioned Copying

A student was referred to SJA for supposed copying during an exam for an upper-division class.  The student’s exam contained similar work to that of her friend seated next to her.  In her meeting with an SJA officer, the student first attributed the similar work to the fact that she and her friend studied for the exam together.  Later, the student admitted that she was having difficulty with the problem and looked at her friend’s work.  The student agreed to probation for one year in addition to completing community service hours.

Help from Wikipedia

A student was referred to SJA for allegedly plagiarizing a paper for a history class.  The student cited sources she found referenced in a Wikipedia article, though the paper prompt specified that the students should draw from the primary sources students were required to read for the class.  In her meeting with an SJA officer, the student said that when writing the paper, she referenced Wikipedia to double check her information and find additional sources.  The student stated that she cited the articles Wikipedia referenced because she believed that these sources were more reliable than Wikipedia.  The student agreed to probation for one quarter in addition to completing a plagiarism tutorial.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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