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CD Review: Young Empires

Artist: Young Empires
Album: Wake All My Youth
Label: Pirates Blend Records

Rating: 3

Young Empires is a Toronto-based band that released its first album Wake All My Youth only a month ago. Since then, the band – comprised of bassist Jake Palahnuk, guitarist Robert Aaron Ellingson, vocalist and keyboardist Matthew Vlahovich and drummer Taylor Hill – has been busy promoting its album throughout the United States and Canada.

With good reason — the band’s inherent talent necessitates the touring. The band combines both instruments and genres seamlessly.

The song “Rain of Gold” begins with a flute sequence and quickly evolves into a dance number that evokes the spirit of summer, a dance number with an anthemic chorus: “Wake all my youth,” sings Vlahovich as the flute plays on in the midst of modern electronica.

The electronic beat itself is playful in its enticing cadence even as it contrasts sharply with the retrospective lyrics.

In “White Doves,” the band furnishes a beat that tempts indulgence even as the lyrics encourage the listeners to labor relentlessly towards their dreams. “It takes a thousand miles to reach the stars tonight, and you will find your dreams they come alive.”

Young Empires’ Wake All My Youth is the 2012 album that will command consistent replays throughout summer.

Give these tracks a listen: “Rain of Gold,” “White Doves”
For Fans Of: Yeasayer, U.S. Royalty, MGMT, Phoenix


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