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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Editorial: Really?

In light of the recent delays in the release of the findings from Justice Cruz Reynoso’s Task Force, let’s review the last five months.
Students sitting down with heads bowed in the center of the UC Davis Quad in the middle of a Friday in broad sunlight were pepper sprayed by UC Davis Campus Police.


Then Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi organized a private press conference and had to do a silent walk of shame before she would apologize to the students.


Then the University showed remorse, placing the police officers responsible for the pepper spraying on PAID administrative leave while the incident was investigated.

Next, a total of five task forces were created in order to complete the investigation, promising the campus community full transparency and insight into the events of November 18th in no more than three months. We still have not seen any of them.

And when the report from Reynoso’s task force was ready to be released, the union representing campus police waited until the last possible moment to “request” to HALT public disclosure of the report presumably in order to protect the names of the officers who stood by and WATCHED while students were being pepper sprayed.


And now that the Alameda County Superior Court Judge has ordered that the report may be released in near entirety, we are asked to wait three weeks to allow the union ample time to APPEAL.

It’s been delayed again even though we already have the names of all the police officers working at UC Davis and have photos of their involvement in the incident.


There’s photographic and video evidence of what happened on November 18th and you’re asking us to pretend we don’t know what happened. The longer the union delays the report, the more guilty the police officers appear.



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