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ICC’s Countdown to Summer!

How many times were you asked during spring break if you had a job or internship for the summer?   Did the question raise your stress level?  Did it make you want to hide or go back to sleep?  For many, the process of landing a position is daunting and easily brushed aside for more pressing issues like getting into classes for Spring quarter, buying books and reconnecting with friends.  Help is available!

The labor market is tight, but there are companies and organizations that want to hire UC Davis students.  There are simple steps you can take to be one that is selected and make progress on your professional path.  This is the first in a 10-week series called “Countdown to Summer!”  Each week the ICC will highlight steps you can take to prepare yourself for a summer that helps you to explore and gain experience in potential careers.

Week 1 – Connect to ICC services

Aggie Job Link: If you do not have one yet, create an Aggie Job Link (AJL) account to access the database of jobs and internships: iccweb.ucdavis.edu/students/AJL.htm. If you already have an AJL account, be SURE to update three items every time they change. 1. Year in school.  If you haven’t updated your account since you created it, the system has no way of knowing your status. Some positions are only open to juniors and seniors; don’t miss out on them!  2. Graduation year. Same idea here.  This is another search field commonly used by employers.  3. Major. Recruiters are often looking for students with specific skills associated with certain majors.  Make sure yours is current.

If you do not find positions in AJL, you should try visiting the ICC between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, our peer advisors can teach you some “tricks.”

Listserv Messages: Signing up for a listserv is a step that requires little energy yet yields great rewards: iccweb.ucdavis.edu/students/ListServSignup.htm. You will get a weekly message that highlights upcoming workshops and events. Listservs are also a way that the ICC informs students about new job and internship postings (some that are not in AJL).

The UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC), located on the second and third floors of South Hall and online at iccweb.ucdavis.edu, has decades of success helping launch Aggies on their professional paths, and their services are FREE to currently enrolled UC Davis students.



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