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Editorial: We’ll miss you

When students went to sign up for Spring quarter classes,  many were distraught in finding the beloved Open Course List was missing. The beautiful page of Courier New allowed students to see all of the classes that were available, and how many seats were available in each class.

The Open Course List has been replaced with the Class Search Tool, which allows students to search for specific classes, but not to see the entire course catalog at once.

We don’t deal with change well, especially when it comes to the already stressful process of registering for classes.

According to Assistant Registrar Barbara Noble, the Open Course List was removed because it was not up to date, and the amount of open seats displayed was not always correct.

With the new Class Search Tool, students can search by specific class or department, and can choose whether they would like to see all classes offered, or just the ones that have open seats.

The Class Search Tool seems more difficult to use, and the page set-up is less straightforward. With the Open Course List, everything was there and there was no need to navigate complicated search tools — all we had to do was press Ctrl + F.

While this change is hard, it seems that the Class Search Tool ultimately provides the same service as the Open Course List.

It may take some getting used to and we’ll always miss the minimalist aesthetic, but this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the Class Search Tool.


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