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News-in-brief: Santa Monica City College students pepper sprayed while protesting tuition increases

At a Board of Trustees meeting at Santa Monica City College Tuesday night, 30 student protesters were pepper sprayed after attempting to storm the boardroom during the meeting.

Two people were transported to the hospital for evaluation. A 4-year-old was also pepper sprayed.

A group of about 70 students was protesting the $180-per-unit increase that would add sections to classes that are in high demand. The measure, called Contract Ed, would be the first fee plan of its type in California.

Before doors opened, some students were given numbers that would allow entry to the boardroom.

Santa Monica City College president Chui L. Tsang issued a statement yesterday that said the use of pepper spray was to “preserve public and personal safety.”

The program, Tsang said, would result in an increase of 25 percent more classes than last summer.

“The intent of the program is to immediately increase the number of total classroom seats available and provide a way for students to make progress towards their goal,” he said.

The college is currently investigating the matter and will pay for all medical bills of those treated for injuries.

— Muna Sadek


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