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Suspect arrested for residential burglaries in Davis

On March 29, Davis police arrested 37-year-old Kyle Frank of Placerville, Calif. for a residential burglary on Layton Drive. The police responded to a call from one of the residents, a 12-year-old boy, who was home when the robber broke into the house.

He heard someone knocking on the door but didn’t answer. Minutes later, he noticed a suspicious person in the backyard and immediately called 911 from inside a locked bathroom. The suspect managed to break into the house through the side door leading into the garage. He was arrested in Slide Hill Park and the two responding police officers found items from the victim’s residence in Frank’s possession.

According to the Press Release by the Davis Police Department, there is evidence that connects Frank with another burglary earlier that day on Albany Avenue in South Davis. He was found in possession of items from this residence during the arrest as well.

“There were three [burglaries] that day. One at Layton Drive, which is the one that lead to his [Frank’s] arrest, and another on Albany and one other. We discovered those happened after we had arrested him and found items from those homes,” Lt. Paul Doroshov said.

Frank was in custody of the Yolo County Jail on Saturday and his bail is set at $50,000. He was accused of burglary charges this past Tuesday in the Yolo County Superior Court.

It is unclear whether Frank is responsible for any other residential burglaries in Davis. Doroshov stated that Frank is also suspected to be the man captured on a surveillance camera earlier in March when two residential burglaries occurred in North Davis around Anza Avenue. However, there is not sufficient evidence to link Frank to those. Police are still investigating to find evidence that would connect him to other local robberies.

“We have active investigations work on that right now, but we really can’t release that information. We are backtracking and looking at this latest string of burglaries,” said Doroshov.

Due to the recent string of residential burglaries occurring in Davis in the daytime, the Davis Police have been implementing additional resources in residential areas.

Dennis Dingemans of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association stated in an e-mail that there have been about 22 residential burglaries in Davis over the last month, which is not significantly higher than the average. However, it is still troubling and it is important for people to be aware and take precautions.

“This was a residential area, but typically students take up a large bulk of our victims for getting things stolen because the things that get stolen a lot now are Mac products,” Doroshov said. “We like to make sure people are aware and that they take precautions and protect their valuables.”

Doroshov further states that there is always some level of burglaries, so this robber is not necessarily linked to all the burglaries, but police are still investigating.

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