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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Editorial: Missed connection

On any given day in the CoHo, one can often overhear the grumblings of someone trying to connect to Moobilenet, the Wi-Fi network on campus.

The internet on campus is often very hard to connect to. Specifically in Olson and Wellman Hall, the connection is often slow, if not nonexistent.

While this may seem like a good thing (anything to stop students from going on Facebook during class), it often hinders professors’ lecture plans and makes it difficult to show videos in class. When professors take time away from class to load a video, it takes away valuable learning time from students. And it’s awkward. Furthermore, students use internet on campus to do school work and turn in assignments.

The fact is that we are in a time in which we need technology to succeed. Smartphones are commonplace, and many students use their laptops in class.

Having the internet is not only helpful, but also necessary. Students often use the internet to download lecture slides from Smartsite or look at the online reading that a professor is discussing.

UC Davis is one of the top universities in the country, and we should be able to figure out a way to make our internet connection run quickly and smoothly. We at The Aggie are no technology experts (we don’t even have Wi-Fi in the office), but it seems that there should be a way to make the network connection better on campus. While it may be expensive, it’s worth it.

A large amount of problems with the network connection have not been reported, Mark Redican, director of communication resources, said in an Aggie article.

Well, this is our formal complaint. As students in the 21st century, for the amount of tuition we pay, we’d like our internet on campus to work, all the time, please.


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