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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Letter to the editor: Enough already

Surprisingly enough (to this formerly trusting alum, that is), the Kroll team did its job. Likewise, the Reynoso committee did its job. Now, it’s our turn — the UC Davis community’s turn. It’s time for us to step up, ignore distractions and diversions, excuses and apologies, scapegoats and fall guys, and draw the only conclusion that can be drawn: UC Davis is, and has been for nearly three years now, suffering from seriously and irresponsibly bad leadership, and it’s high time for that to change.

These are challenging times, no question about it.  But they also present a tremendous opportunity for this great university to further distinguish itself as a principled leader. Yet it’s been abundantly clear for some time now that principles themselves have no place in the value system of this administration. Aside from a plethora of lip service about excellence and community, aside from the willingness and ability to cash obscenely large paychecks, the only thing this administration has proven itself really good at is dividing the campus community at every turn.  Enough already. Well and truly enough already.

Paul Medved
UC Davis Class of ‘78


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