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Roving Reporter: What advice do you have for first-time Picnic Day visitors?

“Go big or go home… responsibly.”
Morgan Daffin, junior environmental toxicology major

“Go to the fashion show! And come decorate fake wands!”
Valerie Mores, junior fashion design major and member of the Harry Potter Alliance

“Don’t drive anywhere; take the bus! Or even better, walk everywhere.”
Kuljit Singh, junior political science major

“Wear lots of sunscreen, have an open mind, enjoy the festivities.”
Anish Trivedi, junior managerial economics major

“Pace yourself. Hydrate. Take naps! Have a buddy system … buddy systems are good! Have fun!”
Kelsey James Kavanaugh, sophomore wildlife fish and conservation biology major

“Naps on naps on naps.”
Tu Dinh, senior psychology major

“Wear sunscreen!”
Kathryn Messina

“Wake up early. You don’t want to miss the morning, because by 4 p.m. everyone will be asleep.”
Ryan Krause, senior international relations major

“Eat pancakes in the morning! Milk cows and check out the chemistry magic show.”
Missy Wimberly, senior economics major

“Drink mimosas, and go play with the baby chicks!”
Jennifer Varat, senior dramatic art major

“Get your crap together. It’s not just students at Picnic Day but also families and kids. If you want to represent UC Davis in the right way, remember to think carefully when planning what you’re going to do.”
Philip Yi, junior neurology, physiology and behavior major

“Know yourself and know your limits. Don’t go out with the mindset to go completely crazy.”
James Hartanto, sophomore biomedical engineering major

“Research ahead of time what’s going on, because it’s easy to get lost in the mix. If you go and wander around, you’ll have fun, but you may miss out on a lot.”
Stephen Gordon, senior biological sciences major

“Pace yourself if you want to enjoy it. It’s not just Picnic Day, it’s Picnic Night. You can still have fun sober! And beware of out-of-towners.”
Daniel Nam, senior art studio major


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