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SHAWCing tips: For the song that never ends

Ever had a song stuck in your head? A little ditty that replays one line or chorus over and over again, taking on a life of its own? To some they are known as earworms, a segment of music repeated in the brain due to its uniqueness or “catchy” tune. This phenomenon is due to the repetition of a catchy tune being captured through the inner ear and deeply embedded in your short term memory. For those who only have to hear the mentioning of a tune to be plagued by its repetitive droning, your long-term memory can be thanked for that. “Yellow Submarine,” anyone?

Even more interesting: Researchers at the Goldsmiths University in London discovered that earworms vary between individuals. They have created a database of over 5,000 different earworms. However, if you are currently being plagued by a tune, you have probably found that yelling “shut up” has not helped. Some people have found that singing the earworm to the end can help. If not you can also try singing or playing a song that varies in its tune from the earworm. For example, if your earworm is “Yellow Submarine,” you can try singing the latest Katy Perry ditty or Skrillex — whatever you’d like.

The ASUCD Student Health and Wellness Committee (SHAWC) aims to promote and address important health-related issues on campus. We serve as a liaison between ASUCD and campus health organizations, clubs and resources. If you have SHAWCing suggestions, questions or tips, please e-mail us at shawcucd@gmail.com and “Like” us on our Facebook page!


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