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Tech tips

Busy schedules and moving from one location to another throughout the day or during the week can mean that a person is away from the location where they store important documents and files. However, with the use of LogMeIn, mobility does not mean the sacrifice of accessibility anymore.

What is LogMeIn?
LogMeIn is a program that allows you to control your computer while not actually being around it. It allows the user to see and control their computer as if sitting right in front of it.’

How much does it cost?
Nothing, it’s free! LogMeIn has premium tiers that allow for more features such as file transfers and remote printing, but the basic one that allows for remote access is completely free.

How does it work?
The user creates an account with LogMeIn and installs it on their computer. After installing it on the computer, the user can then access that computer remotely. It’s a simple process that makes accessing files and performing tasks, like rebooting a computer or running programs, possible over the internet.

Is the site secure?
Yes. The website provides a secure connection for the user to input their log-in credentials and view their files safely.
So, what is really cool about it?

LogMeIn works with both PC and Mac. This means that you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your computer. The other great thing about LogMeIn is that it is not restricted to remote access via computer only, as it can also be used on an iPhone or iPad. The apps for the remote access are also free and still allow the user to control their computer over the internet with ease.

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