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UC Davis student Thomas Matzat to be readmitted under certain conditions

Recently, junior art studio major and Occupy UC Davis protester Thomas Matzat and his attorney spoke with the College of Letters and Science about lifting his expulsion. The Davis Vanguard said he will be reinstated if he follows conditions that are currently unspecified.

Matzat was arrested on March 17 with felony vandalism to campus property. He was charged with five felony counts of vandalism that exceeded $400, 14 misdemeanor counts of vandalism less than $400 and one misdemeanor count of possession of tools with the intent to commit vandalism. In turn, he was not able to attend his finals and faced expulsion.

In response, students and fellow Occupy protesters held a sit-in in the office of the Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Students also attended Matzat’s April 20 arraignment.

Yolo County District Attorney Michael Cabral reviewed Matzat’s case and filed the charges. He said they were able to determine who Matzat was based on security cameras.

On Facebook events campaigning for Matzat’s readmission, students voiced he was expelled because the school is attempting to suppress political activism in light of the legal repression of the Occupy movement.

Cabral said the arraignment is postponed to May 8, but may occur earlier.



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