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Roving Reporter

“I’m confident in Katehi’s ability to lead and I’m confident that she would do what she needs to do.”
Hannah Holland-Moritz, sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology major

“Not much should be done except open up more channels of communication between the administration and students.”
Anthony Tavan, sophomore managerial economics major

“I don’t know about anything specific, but the administration needs to do something after the report and not just let it go.”
Aaron Fischman, recent graduate in political science

“We need a third party to audit the protocols and policies of the administration and to look over what they do now. It’s harder to make changes from the inside, so we need help from outside.”
Kevin Pelstring, sophomore economics and chemical and material sciences major

“I think there is a line of necessary force and there needs to be a better way to manage the situation. Communication here would be a huge asset.”
Justin Irwin, senior neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I think they should encourage the students to let the school know what they really want. It’s because there is no specific channel to voice our opinion.”
Engus Chiu, junior psychology major

“I think they should set guidelines to identify specific places where students can organize. There should be more communication to be clear where they can or cannot gather.”
Max Miao, junior cell biology major

“They need to train the police on when to use force and how to use it properly. As long as they’re trained, then police action can be much more peaceful.”
Larissa Epstein, senior animal biology major

“I think it’s good that they took a step back to assess the situation. By rushing, the administration took unnecessary action. In the future they have to be much more patient.”
Lance Towner, senior civil engineering major

“The police should analyze the situation better and not just jump to conclusions before acting.”
Jon Ly, freshman biochemistry and molecular biology major

“Don’t allow the police to carry pepper spray. Don’t even have the possibility of causing lethal or harmful force.”
Jennifer Sedell, community and regional development graduate student

“The report hadn’t said anything new that people already didn’t know, but there needs to be reorganization on who takes order from who.”
Hamza Ahsan, sophomore chemical engineering major

JUSTIN ABRAHAM can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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