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View country-restricted content on the internet

If you watch a lot of television via the internet, chances are high you have come across a website or video that restricts content to the United States and other countries. Software program TunnelBear recognizes this issue and provides a free and easy way to access internet content globally.

Why should I use TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is simple and fast. Just go to the website TunnelBear.com, download the program, input the country whose material you wish to view and enjoy!

TunnelBear works great for students studying abroad, professionals on global business trips or vacationers on extended holiday.

Is it safe?

TunnelBear is a secure program that works using encrypted connections. This means that TunnelBear connects your computer to a server in the country whose material you wish to view. It protects your privacy by simply simulating the internet experience in that country.

But I use a lot of data. Will TunnelBear still work for me?

TunnelBear provides three options. There is a free “Little” plan that allows 500MB of data per month, a $4.99-per-month “Giant” plan that allows unlimited data usage during that month and a $49.99-per-year “Grizzly” plan that is exactly like the Giant program but lasts for a year. Opting for the Little plan does not require a credit card number, and TunnelBear will not force you into any contracts.

Does TunnelBear work on my iPad and/or iPhone?

TunnelBear currently has iPad and iPhone applications in beta mode, meaning they are trying out their software on those platforms and it is not an official release. Unfortunately, this beta is only available to paid users under the Giant and Grizzly plans.

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