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“Work it!” brings exercise into the busy university student schedule

UC Davis’ Health Education and Promotion center (HEP) is kicking off a week long physical activity campaign today entitled “Work it!”.

The campaign is trying to promote the idea that being physically active does not exclusively entail becoming a gym rat or running an ultra-marathon. “Work it!” is encouraging students to adopt a 30-minute workout a day that can broke up into 10-minute bouts.

“We’re showing that you don’t have to be in a gym setting to get some kind of physical activity in,” said senior exercise biology major and Wellness Student Assistant at HEP Jerrico Crisologo. “We want to bring a chill approach to it.”

HEP focuses on disseminating information to students that pertains to nutrition, physical activity, sexual health, wellness, stress management, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. They also manage the mobile Love Lab, a safe party website, and host health-centered jeopardy at group functions.

“It’s been in the making for a few years,” Crisologo said about “Work it!”.

After taking numerous student surveys and having focus groups, HEP concluded that there was a serious problem of inactivity on campus.

“The percentage of students not exercising regularly or not at all is not where we’d like to see it,” Crisologo said.

“Work it!” is stressing the concept of working in short bursts of physical activity throughout a busy school day.

“Were helping people find what they enjoy in terms of a workout,” said junior exercise biology major and President of the Exercise Biology Club Courtney Chason. “There are little things you can do as you go about your day.”

The Exercise Biology club, Campus Recreation and the ASUCD Student Health and Wellness committee are all partnering with HEP to help promote their message of exercise.

“Throughout the entire week Campus Rec is hosting intro classes,” Crisologo said. “Everything we’re promoting is all free.”

Along with the intro classes, HEP is having different physical activity events starting on Monday at 11:30 a.m. in front of the ASUCD Coffee House.

Their first event will consist of different exercise stations and include promotional prizes.

“I think that it’s crucial that students form the habit of exercising,” said senior human development major and Student Physical Activity Assistant Haleigh Reichert.

Reichert has been co-planning “Work it!” with Crisologo since the beginning of winter quarter.

“We just want to promote education towards health and the seven realms of wellness,” Crisologo said.

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