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Monday, February 26, 2024

Editorial: What a rip-off

Current UC Davis students pay more for their education than any classes before them, and we all know the effects that the high costs of education have had on the university populace.

It seems that, with the overwhelming burdens that come with high fees and the mounting debt that surrounds many students, the University should be doing everything it can to make the financial strain on students more bearable.

But when it comes to Summer Session, UC Davis’ stance has been quite the opposite.

Students are charged $271 per unit for summer classes, even if the units come from off-campus internships rather than on-campus courses. For a student hoping to get a 10-unit internship that spans both Summer Sessions, the cost would be $2,710 — for which the University will do nothing more than read a 12-page paper summarizing the experience gained.

Even looking through the lens of our already astronomically high tuition, charging over $225 for each page read seems utterly ridiculous.

This also applies to students who are going part-time and need to avoid going over the 10-unit maximum.

UC Davis should be encouraging its students to get applicable work experience during the summer months, rather than hamper the incentive for them to continue educating themselves by burdening them with fees.

Furthermore, UC Davis charges students who are not enrolled in Summer Session at least $28 per month for use of recreational facilities, including the Activities and Recreation Center and the Recreation Pool. This is both frustrating and unfair.

UC Davis student fees cover the costs of recreational facilities, and forcing students who are still registered to attend classes the following Fall Quarter to pay out-of-pocket is a frustrating inconvenience.

Additionally, with fewer students in Davis during the summer, recreational facilities face significantly less use during that time than they do during other seasons, so why not allow students to take advantage of the resources that are sitting unused?

The University should be encouraging students to use the resources available to them, rather than over-charging them for services they already pay for.


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