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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

News-in-Brief: UC Davis files lawsuit against U.S. Bank for breach in contract

On Friday, UC Davis filed a lawsuit against U.S. Bank for a breach in their contract. U.S. Bank allegedly broke their agreement with UC Davis on March 1 when the bank announced the closure of its branch on campus.
The closure of the branch came after UC Davis student protesters blockaded the bank in an attempt to get them off campus. The bank either closed early or did not open on over 30 separate days.

Twelve of these protesters now face misdemeanor charges by the Yolo County District Attorney.

UC Davis Spokesperson Claudia Morain commented on the lawsuit in an interview with The Davis Enterprise.

“We did it reluctantly after several months of trying to resolve it and avoid litigation,” she said. “We did it in the best interest of the campus community, which the agreement was intended to support. We remain open to a negotiated solution.”



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