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UC Davis student to represent California at the Democratic National Convention

On April 29 the Democratic National Convention Caucus for the 3rd Congressional District was held in Fairfield, California. The 2012 Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina this upcoming September.

The ballot consisted of eight candidates ––  all males of different backgrounds. In this district, males and females run in separate elections with four spots allotted for females and three for males, with one additional spot for an alternate.

Running on the platform of “Energy-Activism-Dedication,” was 22-year-old graduating senior, Sam Mahood, a political science and communication double major.

Alongside Mahood were his two running mates, Secretary-Treasurer of the California Federation of Teachers Jeff Freitas and Chairman at City of Woodland Parks and Recreation Commission Joe Romero.

“We are running because we believe in the Democratic Party’s core values and President Obama’s vision for the country,” read their campaign flyer.
The caucus was open only to registered Democrats living in the 3rd Congressional District.

With the support of their friends and co-workers, Mahood and his running mates swept the votes and were declared the three official delegates for the district.

Ecstatic about their victory they are, “going to be amongst delegates throughout the country and we are all going to be working toward the same goal of getting President Barack Obama re-elected,” Romero said.

Mahood accredits his early involvement and energy to the environment he grew up in.

“We are lucky because Yolo County is a great place for young people that want to get involved politically,” said Mahood.

As the only delegate from Davis that won, Mahood was also the youngest male to have been elected from the district.
“I relish being the youngest delegate,” Mahood said. “I am proud to represent the young people for they truly are a huge part of the Democratic Party.”
“It really means a lot to be young and to go to the Democratic National Convention,” Romero said. “We get to go and see the President and represent California!”
As an active member in the Davis College Democrats (DCD) chapter on campus since he was a first year, Mahood attributes everything he has learned and been involved in to the organization.
Representing the official branch of the Democratic Party at UC Davis, the DCD, “aims to dispel the image of youth apathy by engaging young people in the political system by registering voters and working to increase youth turnout in elections,” said Executive Director of the Yolo County Democratic Party Kelsey McQuaid.

According to Mahood, the chapter’s energy, encouragement and contribution played a vital role in his win.

“As Sam’s home chapter, it was our responsibility to support our candidate in whichever way possible,” said current DCD President Albert Aramayo. “We organized carpools to Fairfield and our members helped Sam talk to all the voters that were present.”

As the president of DCD during the 2010-11 school year, Mahood said “the organization has opened so many doors for me,” Mahood said.
“Over the past few years, Sam has not only represented the DCD, but he has represented UC Davis in the state level serving as the Vice President of Finance of the College Democrats,” Aramayo said. “I now look forward to what he will be doing in the national level.”
Mahood and his running mates have now become endorsed by prominent elected officials and Democratic leaders such as State Senator Lois Wolk, Assemblymember Mariko Yamada and Woodland Mayor Art Pimentel.

In the time leading up to the big convention Mahood and his partners will be fundraising in an effort to pay for the expenses of getting to Charlotte, NC.

Hoping to gain further support, “we will be looking to form a political action committee,” Mahood said.

Those interested in joining the team are encouraged to contact Sam Mahood at smmahood@ucdavis.edu.

The Davis College Democrats meet Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Olson 106.

ANI UCAR can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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