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Friday, April 19, 2024

Roving Reporter

“I would say cracking knuckles. My roommate does this weird dance before she goes to bed and every joint in her body cracks. I hate it!”
Shaida Mirmazalleri, first-year economics major

“Proselytizing, or religious soliciting. Like when people go door-to-door. I don’t like it because I didn’t ask for it.”
Russell Booker, junior English major

“I hate when people are driving and they leave their turn signal on when they’re not turning. It makes me want to go Grand Theft Auto on them!”
Ally Conner, junior animal science major

“I don’t like thin bathroom doors. If you’re a good contractor, you wouldn’t design thin bathroom doors.”
Julian Personius, junior economics major

“Mine would be one-ply toilet paper. It’s so much less efficient. People think they’re saving money by buying it, but in reality you use 18 times as much to ensure cleanliness.”
Stephen Gordon, senior biological sciences major

“I hate when people take water from the Brita filter and don’t fill it back up when they’re done. They just put the empty filter back in the refrigerator. Just fill it up again. It’s so annoying.”
Andrew Knight, junior civil engineering major

“People asking me what I’m going to do after college.  Because I have no idea. It makes me want to buy cats.”
Betsy Onstad, senior economics major

“When people don’t wear Aggie Blue on Aggie Pride Fridays. We have so much cool stuff to give out and we can’t unless they’re wearing it.”
Lillie Cross, first-year dramatic arts major

“People who don’t yield at the bike circles. It’s so annoying when someone just cuts you off.”
Kristen Pitsenbarger, junior animal science major

“When I’m taking a test and someone is tapping with their leg and it shakes the seats. I need complete silence when I’m taking a test.”
Lynnette Torres, junior political science and Chicano studies double major





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