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Campus shopping guide

As graduation season approaches, many Aggies are flocking to the Memorial Union (MU) and other campus shopping locales to stock up on college memorabilia.

Aside from those few coffee mugs placed suggestively on kitchen countertops, T-shirts etched with mascots and the infamous college acronym sweatshirts, there is hardly a variety in establishing where a person graduated from school these days. While these staple items may get the message across, there’s no real display of personality in them.

But with a more discerning eye, UC Davis students will find that the MU Bookstore hosts many hidden gems ideal for post-graduation purposes. This shopping guide will highlight two items perfect for repping your alma mater in a creative, more mature fashion.

Mascot Apron
When attending a barbecue, the person at the grill whipping up the food is always the center of attention. This lightweight apron I found on display at the Bookstore will surely make the griller of new interest.

With the mascot repeated throughout in blue and white gingham print, it’s the perfect way to rep UC Davis and spark conversation during a family reunion or company picnic.

I found that $29.95 was a modest asking price.

Including two small front pockets ideal for carrying tongs and other grilling/cooking supplies, the Aggie rendition is everything one would want in a 100 percent cotton apron. Plus, its lightweight size provides for more versatility, as it can be simplified for around-the-house cooking as well — perfect to hang up alongside those UC Davis coffee mugs.

So the next time you want to show allegiance during a tailgate or while basting a Thanksgiving turkey, this could be the icing on the cake.

But if you’re feeling that the Aggie apron is a bit too ostentatious for a subtle, yet prideful and unique means of depicting campus devotion, the Bookstore offers smaller tailgating supplies such as dish towels ($9.95 each), oven mitts ($13.95 each), potholders ($9.95 each) and large tablecloths ($44.95 each).

Silk Mascot Tie

I’ve always envied those New England prep boys and their impeccable Ivy League style. I searched around the Bookstore trying to find something that may capture and replicate that debonair fashion.

When I told one of the sales representatives what I had in mind, she pointed me in the right direction. A small-sized navy silk box immediately caught my eye. Inside was a matching 100 percent silk tie.

In a mostly navy color with gold stripe accents and embroidered Aggie horse logos throughout, this tie is practically essential for college-chic. It’s perfect for special functions, internship- and job-related interviews and all occasions where dressing the part matters.

$48.95 may be seem a bit steep considering the whole struggling-college-student thing, but like a nice purse for a woman, a nice tie for a maturing stud is never a bad investment.

So instead of a new UC Davis hoodie, I’d definitely suggest pulling the trigger on this more sophisticated item, especially for those nearing the end of their college career and entering into the real world where items of this sort hold greater value.

Paired with perhaps a nice white shirt and tailored navy blazer, the Aggie mascot tie meshes swagger with sophistication — arguably the highest echelon of college style.

ISAIAH SHELTON can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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