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ICC’s Countdown to Summer!

Welcome to week seven of the ICC’s Countdown to Summer!  Each week the Internship and Career Center (ICC) will highlight a task that will help you be prepared to land a job or internship by summer.  Breaking the process down to weekly tasks will make it less daunting and will yield success. Trust us, people are getting jobs! This week we answer the question “I already use Aggie Job Link (AJL). What more can I do to find a job/internship?”

The methods below provide a way to network with professionals, find organizations that are a good match for you and help you tap into the “hidden job market,” or jobs that are never even advertised.   Many people have landed positions using these methods.  Augment your job/internship search using these strategies.  Be persistent and keep going until you get that job or internship!

Informational Interviews allow you to interview professionals and learn more about their organization and line of work  It can clarify whether a job or firm is right for you and could help you land a job if you play your cards right.  Think of anyone working in a field or company you are interested in and ask them for 10 to 15 minutes of their time to discuss their career.  You can interview a family friend, relative, contact from a campus event or even someone you got connected to through LinkedIn.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and narrow down what you want to do, all while developing skills.  It’s okay to think about what skills you want to develop while volunteering.  Volunteers grow while helping others.   In the process you will meet people with shared interests and values, which is an ideal way to develop your network. Visit the Specialty Services button on the ICC webpage to connect to the Community Services Resource Center database of volunteer opportunities.

Company Information Sessions are held on our campus and provide an efficient way to explore professions and learn about organizations that are actively recruiting UC Davis students. Most are very interactive and more informative than a website.  You can interact with current employees about daily tasks, work environment, advancement opportunities or any other questions you have.  You will make a great impression if you show up to an information session having done research about the company, prepared questions to ask the representatives and dressed professionally!  You can treat it like a mini-interview. See the ICC calendar for dates.

Resume Books are a way to get your resume to recruiters without having to do much. Employers contact the ICC routinely asking for student resumes.  Make sure yours is one they see!  Interested? “Opt in” under Resume Book in AJL, or look on the ICC website for instructions.

Even if you learn about a job through the “hidden job market,” be prepared to follow up with a formal application process.  You’ll still need a resume and maybe even pointers on interviewing.  The ICC’s here to help.  Visit us online at icc.ucdavis.edu or come to the second floor of South Hall.  Don’t rely on a single job/internship search strategy.  Keep applying for positions through Aggie Job Link and company websites for posted positions.   Persistence will pay off!

Sungil Fleischman is a senior managerial economics major graduating in June 2012.  He is a Liberal Arts and Business Peer Advisor at the Internship and Career Center and will be pursuing his career at a software company in the Bay Area.


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