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Free, easy-to-use website creator

In need of an easy-to-use, but professional-looking website? Look no further than Weebly, a free, online website creator. Weebly is perfect for student and business users who wish to create a streamlined website without being required to know HTML or other coding.

How does Weebly work?

When first visiting Weebly, a user must sign up using an e-mail address. From there, users can immediately begin creating their website, registering either a free subdomain (example.weebly.com) or a purchasable domain name (example.com). Weebly works using a “widget-based” creator, meaning users can easily drag and drop features onto their website. Features include image slideshows, video players, polls and forums. This makes Weebly a great choice for student projects, small businesses and others inexperienced with creating a website.

What else can Weebly do?

Weebly has three versions of website creation: standard website creation, a designer platform and education. The designer platform is a tool for designers to create websites for clients that the clients can then easily use. Weebly for Education is a mode for teachers to easily create websites for their classes that allow students to build their own sites, submit assignments online and keep their parents up-to-date.

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