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SHAWCing Tips: The brain

Have you ever wondered how it is that our brains process so much information and yet it seems like it never has a mental jam? This is due to the fact that the brain runs different parts of itself at various different points; it all depends on what you are doing. According to a paper that was published by Nature Neuroscience, the brain networks work like the different processors a computer contains, but all at different occasions. Hence, these signals never interfere with one another. Singing a snippet of the lyrics of your favorite song actually engages multiple regions of your brain to function. These regions start working independently but then work together so you can continue singing along to your favorite song.

This is all related to how we go day by day, learning so much information during our lectures and doing our favorite pastimes. It seems like we are always able to do these activities without getting them mixed up. Imagine if you were to start singing out loud in the middle of a lecture, thinking you were in the shower — not only would you disturb the professor, but you would also have everyone laughing. Keep on studying, singing in the shower, playing basketball or simply keep on listening to your favorite artist and have confidence that your brain will correctly process everything you are doing.

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