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Creative Media expansion offers new student positions as demand for services increase

ASUCD unit Creative Media is currently hiring new student graphic designers and computer programmers to meet the increasing demand for campus-wide design services.

Creative Media is design firm that provides print and web design for students, businesses and ASUCD units to help publicize events and services and to facilitate communication. Creative Media is led by director and career staffer Alex Park, with all other employees students.

According to 5th-year psychology major and Creative Media marketing director Don Ho, the expansion will allow for a more streamlined marketing effort within ASUCD.

“Currently, there is no cohesive or all-encompassing planning and collaboration within ASUCD whenever any campaign or event takes place,”  Ho said. “By garnering many of the social media and technological outlets available, coupled with Creative Media’s graphic design team, we hope to offer a cohesive and extremely effective marketing solution for ASUCD.”

Creative Media designs websites and print advertisements for many campus units, including Entertainment Council, KDVS, We Are Aggie Pride, the Pantry, the Bike Barn and The California Aggie.

“As technology becomes more inherent in our daily lives and within the ways we communicate and interact with others, Creative Media must adapt to the trend and grow,” Ho said.

Sophomore philosophy major and ASUCD senator Paul Min acts as the liaison between Creative Media and ASUCD and advocates for investment in the unit. Min emphasizes that the expansion will benefit both UC Davis students and the greater community by increasing transparency of ASUCD, increasing exposure for ASUCD units such as the CoHo, Aggie Threads and Aggie ReStore and allowing students to become familiar with their services as well as increasing the overall efficiency of these units.

“My vision for Creative Media is that it continues to make ASUCD more transparent to students,” Min said. “Increasing transparency is crucial in keeping ASUCD accountable with how we spend student fees. Investing in Creative Media is essentially investing in all of ASUCD’s units.”

Junior design major and lead graphic designer for 2012-2013 Katherine Fukui agreed.

“We work to make sure the branding of ASUCD is unified and that it represents UC Davis as [a] whole,” Fukui said. “We try and make things as interesting as possible to gather attention in the most effective way. The expansion will include a new marketing division that will aim to unify the identity of every unit of ASUCD.”

Ho has high hopes for the future of Creative Media.

“Creative Media has found a solution to keep ASUCD at the forefront of digital communication,” Ho said. “Many of ASUCD’s services are often unnoticed. Our hope is that in the future, through our branding and capable staff, ASUCD becomes an iconic centerpiece of the student experience here at UC Davis.”

Creative Media job listings can be found at vacancy.ucdavis.edu.

STEPHANIE B. NGUYEN can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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