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East Davis standoff required extra level of caution

While Davis is generally considered a relatively safe and crime-free area, there are times that require extra caution. On Monday, May 7 a Davis man wanted for a weapons charge allegedly barricaded himself in a house on Adrain Drive and kept the police occupied for over five hours before surrendering.

According to Lt. Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department the suspect, 26-year-old David Manuel Cervantes, was arrested on a gun charge and his case is still under investigation. The police were called to the scene to serve a restraining order.

“This type of incident is rare in Davis, we normally don’t get these type of crimes,” Doroshov said.

The standoff required the evacuation of many houses on Adrian Drive and the surrounding blocks. Additionally, SWAT teams and crisis negotiation teams had to set up posts around the neighborhood.

For hours Cervantes allegedly would not open the door or answer telephones to speak with the officers at the scene, according to a Press Release from the City of Davis Police Department. Because of the suspect’s history of weapons possession the police took a cautious approach.

After many hours of negotiation Cervantes finally surrendered to the police at 7 p.m. and was arrested for the warrant and taken to Yolo County Jail. Nobody was injured. No weapons were found and it was a peaceful surrender.

A resident of Adrian Drive, Elizabeth Lacey told the Davis Enterprise that she hasn’t noticed anything suspicious in that house before but this incident makes her concerned about safety in the neighborhood.

Doroshov stated that the case in being investigated further and a report will be submitted to the Yolo County District Attorney’s office. After this the DA will decide if he will be charged for further crimes.

He further stated that these types of crimes are rare and students are normally affected by crimes involving property theft, alcohol, etc. and it is important to always take safety precautions involving these.

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