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The Dead Arts Society presents: Spring Theatre plays

This will be the first quarter that The Dead Arts Society (DAS) will perform at Wyatt Pavilion instead of their previous smaller location that only held up to approximately 60 people.

Jenny Adler, a senior double major in theatre and music and president of The Dead Arts Society, is more than happy that The Dead Arts Society will be performing in a large theater this quarter.

“We started small and this will be our first time at a big theater,” Adler said.

When Adler first came to UC Davis she felt frustrated because she wasn’t cast into any shows and wanted to get experience. She created The Dead Arts Society in 2010 which, she says, “is an all-inclusive club and often is able to cast everyone that auditions.”

Nehorai Gold, a senior chemistry major and drama minor and treasurer of The Dead Arts Society, said that he had never written any plays before DAS. “I have written three different scenes and it’s amazing to see something I wrote come to life,” Gold said.

Even though DAS may be relatively new, the Spring Theatre plays are very sophisticated and appear to be very entertaining. The plays, which will be performed are entitled Dinner, The Blood Law and All Dried Up!

Dinner is an over-the-top situational comedy,” Adler said. This full-length comedy was written by John Malin and directed by Jenny Adler. Dinner is a comedy about a nice family dinner that goes wrong.

The one-act play The Blood Law was written by Rachel Pevsner and directed by Abbygail Williams. The Blood Law is about three young adults who set out to change the world and the troubles they encounter along the way.

“I was inspired by my friends and co-workers, who use colloquialisms that I’d never heard before,” Pevsner said. “I’m a bit bookish, in-my-own world type of person, so sometimes I miss out on these things. It made me think, ‘Wow, I’d really like to use these in a story,’ so the characters began to form around these colloquialisms.”

All Dried Up! is written by Adler and directed by Thavy Duong and Allyn Pintal.

“It’s an over-the-top comedy and musical where a woman, who tries to have kids by herself, realizes she can’t have children,” Adler said. “There is a nightmare sequence which consists of a sperm ballet.”

The Dead Arts Society is an undergraduate student organization that has expanded since its start in 2010.

“We started off with 20 people, but now there are 50 new people coming in each quarter,” Adler said. Due to high number of play attendees in the past, this year DAS raised over $1000. This meant that they could rent out Wyatt Pavilion in order to not turn anyone away — as was previously done in the past.

Adler is proud that the Wyatt Pavilion will be the home of DAS Spring Theatre and wants everyone to come out and watch the four free plays from May 31 to June 2 and June 6 and 8 at 8 p.m. at Wyatt Pavilion.

“The Dead Arts Society is a new, safe place where those who come in won’t be judged,” Adler said. “We are a tight-knit community and are like family.” DAS wants everyone to come out and enjoy a night of free fun.

KARINA CONTRERAS can be contacted at arts@theaggie.org.


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