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Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursdays

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC)  is one of the most valuable academic assets­ available to undergraduates in UC Davis. Located in 2205 Dutton Hall (on the east side of the Quad), they offer a vast amount of resources and assistance to ensure the success of all interested students. Although many people may feel shy about seeking help from the SASC, their group tutoring and workshops are unparalleled and will help you experience a rewarding quarter. And the best part is that all of these services are completely free for undergraduates.

The first service offered is drop-in tutoring in math, chemistry, physics, statistics and writing. While the first four are self-explanatory, the writing drop-in sessions are one of the least well-known existing amenities. All you have to do is bring in a paper draft and the staff will assist with paragraph development, grammar and punctuation. Another option is to make an individual, one-on-one appointment with the SASC writing specialists for more specific discussions of your work. This can be especially helpful to students in majors that are math or science-focused, but that need to complete general education requirements in writing. The entire schedule for drop-in tutoring, including locations, can be found at lsc.ucdavis.edu/tutor_dropin.

For students who feel that they need more personal time with tutors, there is the option to sign up for weekly group tutoring. All you have to do is stop by Dutton Hall and sign up for a TutorTrac Account. Once that is done, log in and sign up for whichever subject you need help in. For the Spring Quarter of 2012 tutoring is offered in biology, general and organic chemistry, math and physics. To ensure that as many people who need to sign up for these sessions are able to, each student is limited to only two tutoring hours per week.

Finally, the last of the main resources offered by the SASC are its free workshops. The workshops available cover a broad range of topics. In the math and science workshops, the specialists have practice tests and occasionally give tips on studying and note-taking. Writing skills workshops include sessions on pre-writing, in-class writing and correctly citing sources. There are also a number of sessions covering several matters pertaining to students who learned English as a second language. Lastly, the “Core Four” workshops are for undergraduates who want to learn how to achieve the highest academic standards possible. The topics are time management, strategies for critical reading and exams and getting the most from your notes. A complete schedule of all the workshops can be found at lsc.ucdavis.edu/workshops.

Whether you’ve been feeling a little lost in class, can’t make office hours or just feel like you could use a bit more help on your toughest subjects, the Student Academic Success Center can assist you. For more information, stop by 2205 Dutton Hall or visit their main website at sasc.ucdavis.edu. Happy studying!


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