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Want to read the classics without shelling out the cash? Project Gutenberg has you covered. As the largest online collection of free e-books, Project Gutenberg has everything from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

How does Project Gutenberg work? Is it legal?
The website is easy to use; it provides a top-100 list of popular books for those who might want somewhere to start, as well as a search function for those who are looking for something specific.

Project Gutenberg is able to provide e-books for free because it compiles material with expired copyrights. Certain material may be copyrighted, but in those cases, Project Gutenberg has received permission from the copyright holder to distribute for non-commercial worldwide use.

Do I need an e-book reader to use Project Gutenberg?
Project Gutenberg publishes their books in a variety of formats, so owning an e-book reader is not a requirement. You can read from the browser (online) or download the plain text formatted book and read from a file on your computer (offline). In addition, many mobile phones have free e-book reader apps that allow you to read these books on the go, provided you download the appropriate format for e-readers.

Project Gutenberg can be accessed at www.gutenberg.org.

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