56.2 F

Davis, California

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Enjoy summer’s high temperatures

It’s June and it’s hot. Cruel summer conditions are upon us and as anyone who has experienced a summer here would know the pyrexia that is Davis heat can be quite something.

Not only is it physically uncomfortable, but many students are noticing disposition shifts, finding it difficult in these last few weeks to exchange their air conditioned apartments for sweaty backpack imprinted shirts and crowded, oven-like lecture halls.

Finding ways to keep cool proves important for the upcoming months. Efficiently and creatively, many Aggies are doing just that.

Perhaps the most popular means of beating the Davis heat is frequently visiting the Recreation Pool. Located at the northwest corner of Hutchinson Drive and La Rue Road, the UC Davis Rec Pool is one of three on-campus swimming pools. At a length of 40 yards, it is the largest freeform swimming pool on the West Coast, providing ample space for both families and the student body.

Brent O’Leary, junior political science major, has been going to the Rec Pool almost every day during the spring since attending UC Davis and says anyone who is anyone knows there’s no better spot to be during the day.

“I admit, it can be a huge façade,” O’Leary said. “Most guys and chicks don’t really go to swim, they go to lounge and show off their bodies. But regardless, it’s still an efficient way to look cool and keep cool. I personally love it.”

Aside from dipping in the pool and keeping your skin cool, what you put inside your body lends a huge hand in coping with sweltry conditions. Oddly enough, heating things up more may be one of the best tricks.

“Eat spicy foods!” first year linguistics major Mariana Hernandez said. “I know it sounds crazy, but I read an article on it a while back and have been doing it ever since. Spicy foods stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhance circulation and cause sweating, which cools the body down. No one wants to sweat, but hey it works.”

When you’re eating that spicy curry, have some water with it to wash it down. It seems like common sense, but keeping your body hydrated is one of the easiest means of not only staying cool, but also maintaining energy during hotter months.

“Avoid foods that are high in protein as well,” said senior nutrition major Charlie Kajastonapa. “These foods increase metabolic heat. I know this is blasphemy for guys trying to get ripped for the summer, but eating less protein and eating smaller, more frequent meals is key to keeping your body cool.”

Don’t forget the little things such as spray bottles as well. Sold in various places on campus, including the UC Davis Bookstore, spray bottles have been a trending item amongst the ladies this season. Many are putting a drop of their favorite perfume in the water, adding a redolence to the cooling mist.

As anyone who had an active childhood would know, summer provides for the most creative ways to have fun while unwittingly keeping cool. Daniel Stevenson, a sophomore communications major, said that the heat brought about some of his favorite activities of this youth.

“My friends and I love going out to Central Park, having picnics and of course blasting each other with water guns and water balloons,” Stevenson said. “I used to love monkeying around like that as a kid. As long as we clean up after ourselves, no one has ever complained. I suggest everyone come out and join.”

Everyone has their own style and means to keeping sane as we move on into what will surely be yet another sweltering Davis summer. From water balloon fights to hot curry the possibilities are endless.

ISAIAH SHELTON can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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