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Davis, California

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Editorial: Street food

Last week, a variety of food trucks graced Davis during The Davis Dirt’s Street Food Rodeo. This amalgamation of new food options and local band performances made for quite a popular display.

Not only did this event present a marvelous opportunity to take a break from the usual midday meal, but it also served a purpose: to raise money for a well-deserved cause, the Davis School Garden Program. On top of that, the efforts also addressed eco-friendly concerns, ensuring that the participants and vendors both stayed true to Davis’ green ways.

After attending the successful event, it is clear that food trucks are desired by students and could be profitable for the University.

Fundraisers similar to the recent Street Food Rodeo can be organized to raise money for a specific cause or foundation. For example, ASUCD could bring a food truck event to campus, which would bring in extra money for its services while providing students with alternate lunch options.

It is true that food trucks have begun to make their way onto campus, such as the recent addition to the Silo’s food options, Star Ginger, an Asian cuisine food truck, and Shah’s, a halal food truck. But these trucks aren’t providing the full variety we are looking for.

After a successful event in the city of Davis, the University should take action. We’re hungry.


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