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Best Quotes

“We were sitting there peacefully. I didn’t even hear a warning for the spraying, just by the students telling us all to turn around, and then we turned and we were sprayed, just like that. One of the cops was yelling at a guy saying he’s going to spray him in the face and then grabs him in the face and sprays him. They grabbed one of the protesters and sprayed it directly in his mouth. We were there peacefully, the tents were down, they had no reason to spray us.”
Fatima Sbeih, senior international relations major
on the Nov. 18 pepper spraying of students

“I’m pretty sure I saw Hagrid once, with a full beard, hat and trenchcoat, but he was wearing a Hawaiian print shirt.”
Paige Minichiello, senior religious studies major
on people-watching at the Quad

“I really like the idea that we don’t have one set of goals. To me it’s more of a wake-up call … It’s about all these issues we think we’ve overcome … but the truth is, we haven’t.”
Sophia Kamran, senior philosophy and comparative literature double major
on the Occupy movement

“This will come as no surprise to anyone who spent more than three minutes with me this weekend, but ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen may just be the crowning achievement of the human race.”
Andy Verderosa, Aggie columnist
on Jepsen’s hit song

“The pepper spraying incident that took place on Nov. 18, 2011 should and could have been prevented.”
Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso’s pepper spray task force report

“Students should come for the sultry singing. I have seen all of these groups perform and they are sexy good.”
Omri Kruvi, sophomore landscape architecture major
on Occupella: LocalTones 2012

“There’s obviously something much bigger here than just me. The Delta has her own vibe to her. I’m interested in her becoming everything that she’s trying to become and helping her, more than me dictating her life.”
Lee Walthall, owner of Delta of Venus
on Delta of Venus’ evolution

“Personally, though, I’d avoid doing more damage than you’ve already done. 1) Maybe the insect will recover, depending on how damaged it is. 2) Some faiths do forbid taking animal lives, so why go out of your way to kill? 3) You’ll stain your shoe.”
Matan Shelomi, Aggie columnist and UC Davis entomology Ph.D. student
on what to do if you injure an insect

“It’s a more exciting time. The environment has completely changed. All of the genres are breaking their own rules.”
Steve Aoki
on the future of house music

“My awareness of people’s general ability to suck becomes especially heightened while working on the receiving end of the rotating dish return.”
Dylan Gallagher, Aggie columnist
on his job in a dish room

“I am here to apologize. I feel horrible for what happened on Friday. If you think you don’t want to be students in a university like we had on Friday, I am just telling you, I don’t want to be the chancellor of the university we had on Friday.”
Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi
at the rally on the Quad after the Nov. 18 pepper spraying

“If you took everything away and just left nematodes in place, it would
outline the world.”
James Carey, UC Davis entomology professor
on the importance of nematodes to the ecosystem

— Compiled by Erin Migdol


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