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City News Highlights

Brown signs final piece of DREAM Act
Oct. 10 — Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California DREAM Act, Assembly Bill 131, into law. The measure allows for undocumented immigrant students to receive scholarships and aid, including Cal Grants, at public universities.
— Originally reported by Angela Swartz

Occupy Wall Street groups continue organizing
Oct. 20 — Occupy became an international movement numbered in the thousands. Those in Davis began to meet at Davis’ Central Park to lend their voice to the Occupy protests. Tents were set up and an occupation of a part of the park began.
— Originally reported by James O’Hara

First Davis Flea Market brings crowds downtown     
Jan. 30 — The inaugural Davis Flea Market opened on Jan. 29 in E Street Plaza, continuing on the last Sunday of every month. It has since been moved to Central Park to allow for more vendors.
— Originally reported by Kelley Rees

Federal appeals court upholds gay marriage in California
Feb. 8 — A three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals court ruled 2008’s Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage, unconstitutional. The court voted 2-1 against the proposition.
— Originally reported by Angela Swartz

Davis residents to decide surface water project’s future     
Feb. 2 — The Davis City Council decided to allow city of Davis residents to finalize what direction the surface water project should take. The main debate centering on the water project is the cost. Additionally, there is the question of whether surface water is needed by 2016.
— Originally reported by Claire Tan

City council votes to extend Safety Enhancement Zone
March 8 — The Davis City Council approved the same Safety Enhancement Zone as 2011, with an extension to include the Old North Davis neighborhood. Fines for violations of certain municipal codes, such as public alcohol use, doubled in these areas.
— Originally reported by Einat Gilboa

Proposed Minor Alcohol Preclusion Ordinance put on the backburner     
March 13 — Amid strong opposition to the measure, the Davis City Council unanimously decided to postpone the alcohol ordinance until further changes could be made. The proposed restrictions to underage drinking would have granted Davis police the ability to cite those under the age of 21 who are intoxicated in public.
— Originally reported by Andrew Poh

Suspect arrested for string of residential burglaries in Davis    
April 5 — Davis police arrested 37-year-old Kyle Frank of Placerville, Calif. for a residential burglary on Layton Drive. He is suspected of being involved in at least two other burglaries in town. The suspect is considering a plea deal.
— Originally reported by Paayal Zaveri

Cooperatives reject City Council’s settlement offer in DACHA dispute
April 9 — Neighborhood Partners and Twin Pines Cooperatives refused Davis City Council’s settlement offers. The offers came in April 2010 for $300,000 and in January of this year for $280,000. They aimed to resolve the conflict between the city, Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association (DACHA) and the two organizations over dissolution of the co-op. A trial is set for October if a deal isn’t reached before then.
— Originally reported by Sara Islas

Legislation plans to lower federal Stafford Loan interest rates     
May 3 — Congress began working on legislation to prevent federal, or subsidized, Stafford Loan interest rates doubling from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1. Measures are still in the works.
— Originally reported by Claire Tan

CITY NEWS HIGHLIGHTS 2011-12 was compiled by ANGELA SWARTZ. She can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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