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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Editorial: Davis Police

A UC Davis student was Tasered by Davis City Police, May 23, for allegedly resisting a police arrest when confronted during a verbal altercation between himself and friend Tatiana Bush. The police attempted to detain the male subject in the car, who, according to a police press release, broke free of his handcuffs and punched the officer in the face. Bush also inserted herself between police and her friend, which resulted in her being detained against a police car which said lead to large bruises and a concussion.

It is unsettling when police officials, who have sworn to “serve and protect” citizens, continue to act inappropriately in seemingly harmless situations. After the notorious incident of November 18, we should be wary of any event that brings about police involvement, especially since many a time it appears unwarranted.

The attempt to arrest the male student later led to the summoning of a grand total of nine police cars. This was unnecessary, considering both students involved were unarmed. It seems as though the police are willing to make a production out of any event, regardless of its severity, to justify any possible arrest, or in this case, the use of a Taser. Tasering of students in a situation such as this, without full knowledge of what was going on, is not okay.

However, being the skeptical reporters that we are, we realize that the police have yet to state the findings of the investigation looking into the use of force. We are waiting for a report and bad cell phone videos from the group of onlookers that were attracted by the allure of excessive police lights.

Investigation is good, unless we have to wait another five months. Hopefully, the report is released promptly without bias, so the public can make their own judgments.


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