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Davis, California

Monday, April 15, 2024

News-in-Brief: Dan Wolk, Lucas Frerichs and Brett Lee win Davis City Council election

The Yolo County Elections Office recently released the results from Tuesday’s City of Davis General Municipal and Special Election.
The election of three members to City Council for a term of four years each and Measure D, the Park Maintenance Tax Extension, were on the ballot.Incumbent Dan Wolk dominated the race with 8,708 votes, or 29.1 percent. Newcomers Lucas Frerichs and Brett Lee came in after with 5,827 votes, or 19.5 percent, and 5,368 votes, or 17.9 percent, respectively. Incumbent Sue Greenwald received 5,138 votes, or 17.2 percent, and Stephen Souza received 4,880 votes, or 16.3 percent.
Of the 33,355 registered voters in Davis, 12,645, or 37.9 percent, voted.

— Claire Tan



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