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Davis, California

Friday, May 24, 2024

Roving Reporter

“I’m going to miss the liveliness of a college town, the people, and I’m really going to miss the Coffee House.”
Erik Chow, wildlife fish and conservation biology major and a student manager of the ASUCD Coffee House (CoHo)

“The type of people that are here — everybody is so open and welcoming. And the friends that I made here — they shaped my college experience and made it unforgettable.”
Hunter Launer, neurology, physiology and behavior major

“Goofing around with my friends and doing stupid things, and not really having to care that much about the future. Cutting class and getting beer … well, having class to cut to get beer. Coming home at 4 a.m. from work and finding my roommates still awake and hanging out.”
Timothy Chin, technocultural studies major

“The friendliness of everyone around me. At other campuses, people put their heads down, and I assume the real world is like that too. I’ll miss being next to my friends whenever I need them. And Davis Farmers Market apple juice, Burgers & Brew, Taqueria Davis and, of course, the Sleaze.”
Katlyn Doran, international relations major

“The people. Everyone here has always been so nice. On multiple occasions I’ve lost things and returned to where I left them to find them actually put off to the side somewhere for me.”
Alex Stanton, cell biology major

“My apartment complex from sophomore and junior year, living together with all my friends from the dorms and celebrating Picnic Day in the courtyard with everyone there.”
Alexis Cashman, biology and history double major

“I’ll remember spending a ton of time on campus. I’ll miss the library — even though that sounds weird, a lot of memories were made there. I’ll remember the feeling of the beginning of Fall Quarter, when everyone is pumped for the coming year. And being able to come back to the dorms as a freshman.”
Evelyn Garcia, community and regional development major

“I’ll remember what it was like getting used to a small town, and how friendly everyone is. I’ll miss all the types of plants that gave me allergies for the first time but are also so pretty! Also those giant fat mutant squirrels.”
Liana Ramos, landscape architecture major

“I’ll miss having so many people who are my age and on the same wavelength because everyone’s doing the same thing. And I’ll miss my co-workers at the CoHo.”
Akash Kumar, political science major


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