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What are the pros and cons of taking Summer Session?

“I like it because it’s really quick and if I don’t want to take a class that I do not really like very much, I can get it done pretty quickly. But it does takes away your summer — I’m literally done after this session so I cannot wait to go home where it’s a little cooler.”
Stacy Hubroun, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior major, Senior

“The pros are getting ahead if you want to finish your degree faster [and] being able to enroll in classes that are harder to get during the regular school year. For me, the con is being away from my family. It can also be a little more expensive because you definitely don’t get as much financial aid.”
Andrea Alvarado, Spanish & Nutrition major, Senior

“It’s less stressful to be in summer school because there aren’t that many people. It just feels more laid back. One of the cons is that a lot of people are gone so it’s hard to round up the same group of friends.”
Alejandra Arguelles, International Relations major, 5th year

“There is a lot more time to focus on your studies because there are a lot less people and less distractions. The cons? If you’re a procrastinator, you might procrastinate more because it’s summer and you just want to chill out.”
Oscar Rodriquez, Sociology major, Junior

“I’m only taking one class so Summer Session gives me the time to focus on that one class and really learn the material rather than cramming it all in the night before and thinking about all the other classes I have to worry about. The big con is that it’s mashed into six weeks.”
Christine Lee, Exercise Biology major, Senior

“Knowing that it’s really fast-paced and only six weeks, it makes me feel like I don’t have time to procrastinate. A con is simply that it’s during the summer, but it’s mostly a pro for me.”
Michelle Lim, Biological Sciences major, Senior

“One of the cons is that it’s really fast-paced but the classes are smaller so you get to know your professors and classmates more.”
Tanya Hernandez, Human Development major, Senior

“I feel like I get better grades in the summer. The con, definitely, is having to be here over summer and not really getting a break.”
Jessica Fitzhugh, Human Development major, Senior

“A big pro for me is that it is so much easier to ride my bike around campus. I don’t have to worry about running people over as much. It’s a little quicker to get around. A con is there’s not as much student activity on campus. Things are a little slower moving but at the same time there’s not as much distraction.”
Merril Lavezzo, Public Health major, Masters program

“There’s less people so it’s easier to get the classes you want. Also, the buses are empty and you can always get a good seat. A con is that downtown Davis gets pretty empty sometimes.”
Michael Nguyen, Asian American Studies major, Senior


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