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News in Brief: Measure seeks to reduce student-police confrontation for CSU

Assemblymember Marty Block has introduced a measure that would mandate California State University (CSU) Trustees to designate a senior administrator as a liaison between students exercising rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and campus officials to improve safety and communication. This would, in turn, reduce the likelihood of violent confrontation, according to a statement by Block. The bill stems from recommendations like the Reynoso and Robinson-Edley Reports, which investigated the Nov. 18 pepper spraying of student demonstrators and UC campus administrative and police policies, respectively.

The measure was approved on a 72-1 vote on Aug. 22 and will be added to the Education Code.

According to the act, subsequent to its amendment on June 21, existing law prohibits UC Regents, CSU Trustees and the governing board of a community college district from creating or enforcing rules that subject students to disciplinary action based solely on speech or communication that is protected by United States and California Constitutional rights.

The bill was drafted for purposes of promoting peaceful campus demonstrations, according to Block. However, it does not apply to the University of California.



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