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News in Brief: UC Davis Police Association censures police chief’s decision to fire Pike

An Aug. 21 letter from the Executive Board of the UC Davis Police Officer Association to the UC Board of Regents asserted that former campus police officer Lt. John Pike should not have been fired.
Pike, who was involved in the Nov. 18 pepper spraying of UC Davis protesters, was dismissed July 31 by newly appointed police chief, Matthew Carmichael, according to documents obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

The documents show that Carmichael disregarded an internal affairs investigation, which found that Pike acted within reason during the protest.

The open letter explains that while the the regents support Carmichael, they believe he should have complied with the investigation findings, which recommended no more than a demotion or suspension for Pike.

It also states that the Board is in agreement with the Reynoso, KROLL and Robinson-Edley reports, which alleged mistakes were made “at the administrative level.”

“To this day, not one University Administrator has been demoted or terminated due to their decisions, which placed our police officers and the students of this university into an unnecessary and foreseeable confrontation,” it stated.

The Board explained in the letter that it was “ironic” that Pike tried “harder than anyone” to prevent the confrontation between police and student protesters and that the pepper spraying incident proves itself to be a learning experience for campus police.

“This Board looks forward to intelligent, productive change as we all learn from what occurred on [Nov. 18] and the events in its wake. Addressing the injustices associated with the events that day would be an excellent start towards not letting this portion of history repeat itself,” the letter stated.



  1. So does this mean that the UC Davis Police Officer Association Executive Board is saying that UC Davis Vice Chancellor John Meyer should be fired because he did not make sure that UC Davis Police Department personnel kept abreast of case law and were not aware of the ruling made in Mark Young v. County of Los Angeles?


    But if that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be correct to fire Lt. Pike also? Wasn’t he also responsible for knowing case law? He earned a higher salary than many professors.


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