70.1 F

Davis, California

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Roving Reporter

Isabelle Rojas. Major: Neurobiology, physiology and behavior
“It was far from home. It’s a new experience and I wanted to explore different things.”

Frank Delgado. Major: Chemistry
“Because of the forensic science program here.”

Eugene Arai. Major: Neurobiology, physiology and behavior
“It was the best school I got into.”

Rachel Johnson. Major: Exercise biology
“I’m [from] out of state and I’ve always wanted to live in California, since I’m from Colorado.”

Natalie Ford. Major: Undeclared in biological sciences
“I just like how everybody was so social and nice. It’s also a really pretty campus.”

Edgar Cuautle. Major: Undeclared
“It’s a really quiet town, a lot different from L.A. which is where I’m from.”

Rudy Cisneros. Major: Music
“It gave me the best financial aid.”

Terence Huang. Major: Music
“It’s well known and keeps my parents happy.”

Kailla Watson. Major: Biomedical engineering
“I know they have a good science reputation and are flexible if I want to change my major.”

Amanda Green. Major: Human development
“I just love it here. It’s really pretty and it’s a good school.”

Shyam Venkataraman. Major: Computer science
“It was close to home and it’s a good university.”


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