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24-hour room receives renovation

After a year and a half, the 24-hour study room on campus is getting the restoration needed for a more welcoming study space for students.

“It smells like sweat and defeat in that place. Maybe some plug-ins or working AC would be nice, anything to get rid of the smell,” said Krystal Gutierrez, fourth-year sociology and Chicana/o studies double major.
Former ASUCD senators Andre Lee, Rebecca Sterling, Bree Rombi and Yena Bae were involved in the project to renovate the 24-hour study room.
According to ASUCD Senate Bill 120, ASUCD — along with the Aggie Public Arts Committee (APAC) — began the project to beautify the 24-hour study room in fall 2010, but until now it was placed on hold due to “lack of communication.”
Along with the library’s funding of $1,043, the beautification of the 24-hour study room cost ASUCD $993 — $743 from Senate Reserves and $250 from APAC — according to ASUCD senator Joyce Han, who authored the bill.
“One reason behind the renovation was continuing collaboration between different groups on campus, for example ASUCD and the library. Also, so many people I know complain about the 24 hour study room. Although it isn’t directly under ASUCD, it is important for us to recognize what the student body wants and needs to help improve UC Davis as a whole,” Han said in an e-mail interview.
The renovation of the 24-hour study room began after Summer Session II on Sept. 17 and was scheduled to be completed Sept. 30, during which time students were not allowed to study in the room. According to Han, due to lack of proper funding, the room had not been painted in 20 years.
“I am an avid user of the [24-hour study room] and think it is a great part of campus, especially when you really need to cram … it could use some sprucing up, though: The desks are old and scratched up, the chairs could use cushions and the place always smells [like] funk,” said Malisa Meemari, fifth-year exercise biology and Spanish double major.
During its renovation, the 24-hour study room received a new paint job — mint green walls — along with artwork from multiple campus groups, such as APAC and Mustard Seed Ministry.
“The original idea is for it to be a rotating art gallery like the art gallery in the Coho. It’s another way of supporting the arts on campus and giving students the opportunity if they’d like to contribute to the campus,” Han said.

Han also said that she researched colors that are best for a study atmosphere and consulted professional painters and interior designers.

“Although this renovation doesn’t fix all problems of the 24-hour study room, it’s a first step in the right direction. I want to continue to work with the library to create a better atmosphere in this room for all of us,” Han said.

LILIANA NAVA OCHOA can be reached at campus@theaggie.org. 


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