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Davis, California

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Letter to the Editor

So you’re still trying to figure it out are you? Here’s a clue … you work for a person who doesn’t tell the truth — who says one thing, but does another, who is directly responsible for violence committed against students, who confused state with student funding and who shamelessly broke terms of agreements with students, who ignored or dismissed distinguished faculty who have tried to help, and who has actively done her best to turn UC Davis’ uniquely funded and principled intercollegiate athletic program into something that would be indistinguishable from any other in the “stellar” constellation of Division 1 sports — and no doubt lose money chasing its own tail just like 90 percent of the rest of D1 athletic departments.

And it’s not the first time you’ve heard this.

So you can keep trying to figure it out and telling students they need to do more than just send you the $18 million they presently do each year or you can reduce ICA’s $4.5 million annual administrative expenses (that’s more than twice what Cal Poly spends, by the way) by $1.5 million, eliminate financial bonuses (yes, like yours), stop spending NCAA Student-Athlete Opportunity money on fancy dinners at Seasons and championship rings, avoid paying outrageous coach salaries, stop your plans to outsource athletic opportunities (and student-funded athletic scholarship money) to out-of-state students — and tell her to stop attacking and start respecting the Core Principles, to reinstate women’s rowing and men’s swimming and wrestling and to promise never to pull that crap again.

There you go. You’re welcome. We do indeed want you to be successful. We need you to be the principled Athletic Director you said you’d be.

Paul Medved

UC Davis Class of 1978


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