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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Letter to the editor

The UC system saved my life.

I was diagnosed with stage one Wilms’ tumor just before I turned 3 years old, and I was treated at UC San Francisco. After having the affected kidney removed, I continued onto chemotherapy, receiving treatments every other week. I am now proudly cancer-free and dealing with minimal long-term side effects to treatment such as small teeth and diminished abdominal muscles on my left side.

For cancer patients and their families, having more high-quality cancer centers across California is a necessity, and communication between pediatric cancer experts and regular cancer professionals is vital, especially for children transitioning into adolescence and adulthood. Being a childhood cancer survivor, I am excited to see that the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center connected its pediatric center with the main location.

It is a sign of progress that pediatric and non-pediatric professionals are making an effort to connect and communicate. It will surely make a difference in some young child’s life — fewer long-term side effects to treatment and more years ahead.

Jennifer Sheffield

UC Davis sophomore mechanical engineering major


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