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Game of the week

In honor of the recent season 3 premiere of “The Walking Dead” TV series, it’s time to take a look at this year’s episodic PC adaptation, The Walking Dead. The latest installment came out last week, but that doesn’t mean gamers won’t be enjoying the emotionally exhausting zombie adventure this week.

Episode 4, aptly titled “Around Every Corner,” finds protagonist Lee and his rundown companions searching a brand-new town, only to discover more hidden secrets, a mysterious figure who may pose a threat to the entire group, and plenty of zombies.

With the final episode just a month away, there’s a certain by-the- numbers feel to “Around Every Corner” that impedes the game’s character development. In addition, there’s a stronger emphasis on shooting this time around, which has never been The Walking Dead’s strong suit.

But what makes this adventure game experience so special is the way the player molds the story with his/her decisions, and there’s no shortage of tough calls to be made in “Around Every Corner.” Add in a doozy of a cliffhanger and you have an episode that wonderfully sets up next month’s finale.

This week in news

Let’s be honest, video game consoles can be quite expensive, and college students aren’t exactly made of money. But anyone holding out on an Xbox 360 or Wii purchase may want to finally pull the trigger. Both Microsoft and Nintendo have announced price drops for their respective systems heading into the holiday season.

The Wii will now cost $129.99, with the new price drop going into effect by Oct. 28. The Xbox 360 price cut only applies to certain bundles and retailers, though. GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and Wal-Mart have reduced the price of the $299 bundles to $249, and the upcoming Halo 4 bundle will be sold for $349 instead of $399.

The Wii price drop appears to be permanent, but the same can’t be said for the 360. No official word has been given by Microsoft on the matter, so only time will tell whether the price cuts are for holiday promotional purposes only.

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