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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Guest Opinion

Editor’s note: This letter was originally sent to members of ASUCD government.

I, Yara Zokaie, would like to resign from my position as an ASUCD senator.

I chose to keep my position because President Rebecca Sterling was pressuring senators to vote how she told them (even while her policy decisions repeatedly proved catastrophic for the association) and because she refused to agree to pick an impartial replacement we could both agree on.

I wish I could say my resignation proved my faith in the executive branch has been restored. However, after witnessing the president attempt to forcibly remove me — an act which violated the separation of powers and demonstrated she does not understand the constitution and bylaws which are the foundation of our association — I am indeed all the more troubled. This, coupled with the executive allowing the judicial branch to crumble under an incompetent chief justice and refusing to cooperate with the legislative branch, shocked me. Maybe our president is overcommitted and simply did not make ASUCD her priority, or maybe she simply doesn’t care about a balance of powers and working with those who will not blindly agree with her. I wish it was not so difficult to tell.

However, the demands of being in law school have caused me to fall short of my duty to my units. Because I believe our units are the backbone of the association, it is only fair that I resign. I will arrange for my paycheck to be picked up and donated to the Experimental College, as it was my goal to secure better funding for their gardens during my term.

I do not think anything will be a “wake-up call” for our executive — so I wish those who think for themselves the best of luck in working with a closed-off, incompetent executive. For all those who are looking towards a recall election — while your reasons are warranted, I urge you to focus that energy on voter registration.

It’s an exciting time to be an Aggie! I cannot wait to see how much you accomplish, even with the unnecessary obstacles in your way.


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