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Campus Judicial Report

Hard-knock life
A first-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) by the police for an alcohol violation in the dorms. The student had multiple previous offenses of the same type, and this time, the drinking resulted in hospitalization. After talking with a judicial officer, she agreed to deferred separation status and was removed from the dorms along with being referred to Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Intervention Services (ATODIS). Deferred separation is an agreement whereby the student waives their right to a formal hearing should they be referred again, knowing that they will be suspended if found in violation once more.

Liar, liar
A student was sent to SJA after furnishing fabricated information to his dean’s office in an attempt to retroactively drop a class. He claimed that a friend had died, but it was uncovered that this was not the case. It was not the student’s first violation, so after meeting with a judicial officer, he was suspended and received community service.

Time’s up!
A graduate student was sent to SJA after continuing to work on an exam after time was called and even after being asked to stop. He claimed that there were others who also worked past the time limit but understood that this was still a violation.  He received a censure due to the fact that this was his first violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. A censure is a strong warning whereby the student is notified of the University policy he violated and advised that if referred again, he would receive more serious sanctions.


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